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Recordings from CCNA XXIX - The 2021 Virtual Convention are now available.  

We accept Visa or Master Card as payment .  We also accept prepaid coupon codes (pre-sales only - no longer available) See "Coupon Codes" below for more info).

We are also selling the recovery shares from:

CCNA XXIX - Online 2021
CCNA XXVIII - Online 2020
CCNA XXVII in Niagara Falls 2019
CCNA XXVI in Charlottetown 2018
CNA XXV in Calgary 2017
CCNA XXIV in Mississauga 2016
CCNA XXIII, in Halifax 2015
CCNA XXII in Nanaimo, BC in 2014

The shares on this site are only available as downloadable files in mp3 format.  No cd's are available.  You will receive immediate access to download and an email with a download link upon making valid payment.

See categories below for all speaker recordings available from  previous CCNA events.

Coupon Codes

Coupon codes have issued to the purchaser of full speaker packages.  These codes can be inserted during the payment process and will remove the dollar value charged for the sale equal to the value of the coupon code.  Unfortunately, you can only use one coupon per transaction.

* If you have any issues while using a coupon code please contact us and provide us with the issue, the coupon code nmmber and your invoice information or a screeen shot.  

** CCNA apologizes but we are unable to offer any technical assistance to use this store/gateway, to download files or to assist with the playing of files.

CCNA  appreciates you respecting our copyright by not recopying sellng or distributing these files